+7 (3952) 42-65-04

Limnological Institute
Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Laboratories and Groups


Department of Cell Ultrastructure

  • Laboratory of Microalgae Ultrastructure
  • Group of Molecular Biology of Diatoms
  • Group of Taxonomy of Siliceous Microalgae
  • Group of Diatom Cultivation
  • Group of Bioinformatics
  • Instrumentation Center “Electronic Microscopy”

Yelena Likhoshway, Head of Department
Tel. +7(3952) 51-14-50
E-mail: yel@lin.irk.ru

Web-page: lin.irk.ru/copp/eng/

Laboratory of Aquatic Invertebrate Biology

Oleg Timoshkin, Head of Laboratory
Tel. +7(3952) 42-82-18
E-mail: tim@lin.irk.ru

The Aquarium Maintenance Group

Laboratory of Ichthyology   

  • Group of Evolutionary Genetics
  • Group of Diving Studies and Underwater Monitoring

Yelena Dzyuba, Head of Laboratory
Tel. +7(3952) 42-26-95
E-mail: e_dzuba@lin.irk.ru

Laboratory of Aquatic Microbiology

  • Cyanobacteria Research Group

Olga Belykh, Head of Laboratory
Tel. +7(3952) 42-54-15
E-mail: belykh@lin.irk.ru

Laboratory of Hydrocarbon Microbiology
Tamara Zemskaya, Head of Laboratory
Tel. +7(3952) 42-89-18
E-mail: tzema@lin.irk.ru

Laboratory of Hydrology and Hydrophysics
Nikolay Granin, Head of Laboratory
Tel. +7(3952) 42-57-68
E-mail: nick@lin.irk.ru

Laboratory of Hydrochemistry and Atmosphere Chemistry
Tamara Khodzher, Head of Laboratory
Tel/ +7(3952) 42-65-02
E-mail: khodzher@lin.irk.ru

Laboratory of Genosystematics
Dmitry Sherbakov, Head of Laboratory
Tel. +7(3952) 42-29-23
E-mail: sherb@lin.irk.ru

Laboratory of Paleolimnology
Andrey Fedotov, Head of Laboratory
Tel. +7(3952) 42-53-12
E-mail: mix@lin.irk.ru

Laboratory of Analytical and Bioorganic Chemistry
o    Group of DNA Sequencing
Sergey Belikov, Head of Laboratory
Tel. +7(3952) 51-18-74
E-mail: belikov@lin.irk.ru

Laboratory of Chromatography

  • Group of Gas-Liquid Chromatography Mass-Spectrometry
  • Group of Liquid Chromatography Mass-Spectrometry

Alexander Gorshkov, Head of Laboratory
Tel. +7(3952) 42-47-70
E-mail: gorchkov_ag@mail.ru

Laboratory of Biogeochemistry
Alexander Suturin, Head of Laboratory
Tel. +7(3952) 42-64-09
E-mail: san@lin.irk.ru

Laboratory of Lake Baikal Geology
Oleg Khlystov, Head of Laboratory
Tel. +7(3952) 42-53-12
E-mail: oleg@lin.irk.ru

Group of Chemistry of Siliceous Nanostructures
Vadim Annenkov, Head of Group
Tel. +7(3952) 42-84-22
E-mail: annenkov@lin.irk.ru


1.    Group of IT Support
Oleg Kotsar, Head of Group
Tel. +7(3952) 51-13-01
E-mail: jonin@lin.irk.ru

2.    Library
Lyudmila Lobaeva, Chief of Library
Tel. +7(3952) 42-27-24
E-mail: bibl@lin.irk.ru

3.    Department of International Cooperation
Alexey Gurulev, Chief of Department
Tel. +7(3952) 42-32-95
E-mail: gurulev@lin.irk.ru

4.    Research Station in Listvyanka
The Station Supervisor, Prof. Vadim V. Annenkov
E-mail: annenkov@lin.irk.ru, Tel.: +7 (3952) 51-13-14

5.    Biological Station in Bolshiye Koty

The Station Supervisor, Prof. Vadim Annenkov,
E-mail: annenkov@lin.irk.ru,
Tel.: +7 (3952) 51-13-14

The Station Manager, Dr. Aleksandr Novitskiy,
E-mail: nalnov@bk.ru,
Mobile tel.: +79500866687, +79086661154.