Design of new materials, including polymers, composites and fluorescent agents. Study of molecular mechanisms of the biomineralization by in vitro simulations and in vivo experiments.

Main issues:

  1. Biogenic organo/inorganic composites. Study of organic compounds associated with biogenic inorganic substances. Isolation, structure research and elucidation of the physiological functions including synthesis of analogs and model experiments in vitro. Design of environmentally friendly approaches to composite nanomaterials.

  2. Markers for monitoring of biochemical processes. Task-oriented synthesis of low- and high-molecular organic substances, inorganic nanoparticles and composites for fluorescent visualization of cells and subcellular organelles. Application of this compounds in the biomineralization study.

  3. Self-organization of siliceous nanoparticles and controllable assembly of the biosilica. Formation of the siliceous materials from oligosilicate and composite nanoparticles. Digital simulation, model verification by experiments and elicitation of various factors influencing on silica formation including concentration gradient and matrix effects.