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Expedition on board RV “I.D. Papanin”, May 30-June 8, 2019

The expedition was a traditional cruise around Lake Baikal aimed at the study of its shallow area (depth up to 20 m). During the expedition, hydrochemical and hydrobiological samples were taken. The sampling was carried out approximately every 30-40 km throughout the perimeter of Baikal. The processing the material would yield the data on the distribution of phytoplankton, hydrochemical indicators, oil products, persistent organic pollutants and suspended matter in the shallow area. The maximum transparency of the Baikal waters recorded during this period was 29 m near the Listvyanka settlement. In 2018, the maximum transparency was 30.5 m near the Bolshiye Koty settlement. The more intensive phytoplankton bloom compared to 2016-2018, especially in the central and northern basins, was the characteristic of this year. At the same time, the in the southern basin bloom has already ended, but in the northern one it only begins. The minimum temperature was 2°C recorded near the Baikalskoye village (northern basin), and the maximum temperature was 12.8°C in Mukhor Bay (Maloye More Strait).