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Expedition on board RV “G. Titov”, July 12-21, 2018

The expedition was carried out within the program “Complex Study of Evolutionary Processes in Benthic Organisms under Abrupt Changes of Ecosystem of Lake Baikal” on board RV “G. Titov”, July 12-21, 2018 near Bolshiye Koty settlement, in bays Birkhin and Anga, Maloye More strait, including Nuku-nur Lake at Olkhon Island, capes Izhimey and Arul, Zavorotnaya bay, as well as in the area of the coast to the south of Severobaikalsk, including the mouth of the Tyya River, Angarsk sor, the area from Yarki island to Khakusy, Irinda, The Selenga River delta in front of Kharauz, Murino Bank, and Cape Tolstyi.

During the expedition, molluscs, polychaete, amphipods, as well as specimens of filamentous algae were collected in Lake Baikal and some neighbouring lakes. From the obtained specimens of filamentous algae, DNA was extracted for the subsequent metagenomic analysis. A representative of the University of Geneva participated in the expedition. The species identification of the collected amphipods by methods of molecular barcoding, as well as commensals by various methods will be performed within the framework of the joint Russian-Swiss project. The obtained materials will allow tracing the regularities of mutual relations of hosts and commensals in Lake Baikal. The work is planned to be continued depending on preliminary analysis data on the samples collected during the expedition.