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Around Lake Baikal 29 May - 8 June, 2018 RV “I.D. Papanin”

The expedition was aimed at studying the shallow zone of Lake Baikal. In increments of 30-40 km, 49 sites along the perimeter of the whole Baikal were tested. The studies were focused on the spatial distribution of phytoplankton, amphipodes, the content of oil products and humic acids, as well as the monitoring of the hydrochemical composition, transparency and temperature regime of the Baikal shallow zone. The typical Baikal diatoms developed in the lake: in the southern and central parts - Synedra acus, and in the northern part - Aulacoseira islandica. In the shore line of Lake Baikal, there was s massive bloom of the typical Baikal filamentous algae Ulothrix zonata. The average water surface temperature was 2.5°C. The maximum water transparency (30.5 m) was registered near the Bolshiye Koty settlement; the minimum (2.0 m) - near the Nizhneangarsk settlement.